fire therapy

a morning of kindergarten complete
a break from trying to find preschool helpers
a cool breeze (well, in the 80s)
a tiny fire on the front porch
completely therapeutic

3 thoughts on “fire therapy

  1. so many great ideas floating around in blogland — where does it end! I love a campfire, I’m wondering the same as Stefani, does the terracotta handle the heat well enough? I’d love to enjoy a little fire with the boys.


  2. we’ve had good luck with our little terra cotta saucers…i did use one long enough that it cracked and so i quit using that one.

    i always put another board between the saucer and the table, but don’t know if it is needed.

    i do feel a little crazy doing it…but the fires are small and we have a pitcher of water nearby.


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