main street morning

oh, only a few of these left
before preschool starts…
we had abby with us
which only made things brighter

with two bank stops
and meeting sara and ben for coffee,
the girls had
a sucker
chocolate milk
and chips
all before 9:45 in the morn.

sorry again, jen.

but the joy of walking slowly
down main street
secure and settled
money in pockets
bellies full
a library close
a car with gas
windows safe to peek in
eyes to see with
candy for free
children who can walk
the option to ride

i do know
the luxuries
of this life and my mind
wonders why not everyone has them

6 thoughts on “main street morning

  1. you are my first attempt at commenting via iPhone on the road. Just had to say that i love the way you think, and that your day, and your little dolly look just about perfect!


  2. Greta was asking for every piece of candy in the checkout line, and I just had the patience to say, “No, it’s not good for your body.” Later I heard her used these exact words to tell Mali about it. Mali said, “yeah, it will make you homesick. Really really homesick.” Hmmm.


  3. Ice-cream always goes down well for brekky I reckon.
    I love reading about your adventures & just to add to the freaky “I’m sure we are each other” thing, we have a jeep stroller too…


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