tuesday at the trail

i took micah, eliza and sally to the trail
and was flooded with memories
of the many mamas and daddies
the babies nursing
the toddlers scampering
the preschoolers hunting
the BIG kindergartners telling of a morning at school

we used to go tuesdays
i went today
and realized it was tuesday
and the babies have grown
and mamas got jobs
and families moved

but we walked
and picnicked
and caught minnows
and came home dirty

p.s.  aimee, is that last photo okay?  i forget the rules

7 thoughts on “tuesday at the trail

  1. baby feet are a-ok. I almost cried when I saw this post.(actually still trying to hold it together – I’m at work.) I could only pray that something like this could be once again. (now I am crying)


  2. We could do it again…the kids would love it (even though there aren’t babies and strollers anymore). I guess there are still snakes….

    It will always be a magical place!

    Jen CD


  3. Kristin – I know you too but who knows how. It’s the strange Bethel-Freeman-Mennonite connection. Thanks for the comment – I visit your blog, too and always enjoy the pictures and writings. Lovely to see that you are doing so well!


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