load of mousies

i heard eliza in the kitchen:
load of mousies
load of mousies
load of mousies

wondering, i went in.
and found her smearing a stick
of softened butter
all over her dress
the counter
her arms
her face
load of mousies?

i took a breath
in preparation to mutter
my many-times-daily refrain
and i knew then
what she was saying:

lord have mercy

14 thoughts on “load of mousies

  1. This truly is hilarious. I love it! And how great that you have proof for conversations that might happen years down the road.


  2. I was already in bed, exhausted from the day,,, the week,,, the month… And Dad came in with the computer and said, “You HAVE to see this!” I laughed so hard and fell asleep smiling. “Lord have mercy indeed!” Thanks again for taking the time to share these moments. Each photo and reflection is treasured.
    Love you all!!!


  3. Hey Kristin, I found your blog through Kate’s and I LOVED this post! I was laughing SO hard, I could barely explain to Marc (my husband) what was so funny! This little girl sounds like a real character!


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