we went to bed last night
watching images of people
with too much rain
knowing stories of those
wandering and looking
for next steps to take.

i still longed for a little…
rain is my favorite weather.

we woke to swollen skies
dripping now and then.
my house is dim and cozy
my son cried again
when i left him at school

it feels like the world
knows and agrees
and once again
the mystery of god
is wider

3 thoughts on “rain

  1. yes, it’s so moving when the rain (or better yet, a storm) matches your mood. i, too, long for rain (right now it’s thundering. . . ), in spite of the devastation that even my loved ones have endured. it’s a strange feeling to wish for relief from the floods for them and at the same time wish for relief from the drought here.


  2. I do like the rain, too. It’s cleansing.

    However, I do feel badly for those who are suffering with both too much rain and too little rain.


  3. Hmmm. I just posted something quite similar and then decided to quickly visit your blog. Looks like we’ve got similar issues of inner conflict on the brain.


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