peaches for the morn

oh, to do something
to prepare (control?)
to tend
to nest
to make the way
to calm
to nurture…
i was tired enough to sleep
but took moments
to tidy the kitchen
wash a couple of ripe peaches
to have waiting
for the morning
on a wiped counter
on clean napkins
ready to eat
to welcome the day

5 thoughts on “peaches for the morn

  1. If you don’t submit this to somebody to publish, you’re crazy. Seriously. It’s moving, beauitiful, captivating, stunning, surprising, reflective, tender, made me want to cry, made me want to laugh, made me want to throw both hands in the air and scream “YES!!!!” You got it! You really do. You got it! Way to go. I love you more than words can express.


  2. We bought peaches for the first time this year … We are going to have them for breakfast too. We wish all of you much joy and happiness – An especially GOOD AND FUUUUN DAY FOR YOU MICAH. To all of you Love and good sleep you are in our prayers. OMA/omi and OPA/opi.


  3. ah, what a treat — a clean kitchen AND washed peaches. how wise of you to know how much this will mean when you wake.


  4. me again. i just have to point out that i thought the title to this post said “peaches for the mom” but it makes sense as the “morn” too!


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