big kids at school…

and mama out to play…actually, this coffee date was on the heels of a very hard morning of saying goodbye to micah…he was crying, sad to have to go to kindergarten…i left him with his face buried in his hands crying (!!!!!!!!!!)…oh, the agony…the questioning of so many decisions…but he did it…the teacher said cried for a minute and a half and then he participated in the telling of the three little pigs…i got to spend the first moments of his school day with him (thank you, jen, for watching liza)…then debriefed (bad words and tears)…read warm emails…and now we rest up to do it all again.

i may need to go for coffee again.

4 thoughts on “big kids at school…

  1. hey kristin,
    it’s been a long time, actually a very long time, i’m not sure when the last time i saw you?… it’s great to see your fam and i love your pictures. india is quickly becoming home and my 30 boys are off to school so i think it’s time for a book and a couch.


  2. Oh – my heart breaks as I read this, I know, I know – I dried tears this morning as my eldest thought about going back to school in 2 1/2 weeks! I wish we could chat!! Hugs to both of you!!! ang


  3. Deep breath, sweet Mama. Transition times are hard, for mamas and boys, but I bet it will soon become an easy ryhthm. Sending you strong and courageous vibes, and lots of hugs too :-)


  4. That’s hard. I’m hoping not to have the same scenario next week. So far my little man is excited for kindergarten (and just asked to go meet his teacher again).


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