12 thoughts on “eliza, what did you do?

  1. mali, greta, and i watched this together, and this is what i heard: “again, again, mama, again, one more time? again, mama, more. . . . etc.”


  2. Like mother like daughter.
    Kristin, remember when you shaved the back of your head? The front looked perfectly normal, but the back — YIKES!!! At work that day a visitor from out of town shared very empathetically that she had just seen this fifteen year old girl downtown who must have had brain surgery. I asked her a bit more and realized she was talking about you! I remember saying something like: “She hasn’t HAD brain surgery, she NEEDS brain surgery!” Just so we don’t have to check in for father-daughter therapy, know that I didn’t mean it! :-) We laughed ’til we cried! The comfort then as with Eliza now is that hair does grow back. Love you, hair or no hair!


  3. I’ve watched this exactly seven times. Eliza’s adorable, yes yes. Mostly, I love it when you expertly rephrase and the light bulb goes on.

    Hey, tell me how I get the view tab for posts on my mac. Karin says you have this figured out.


  4. I FINALLY got to a computer that has high speed internet and remembered to check out the video. ADORABLE!! And she’s so happy with herself. :) Remember when you talked me into cutting your hair in your kitchen in Markham…over 20 years ago now?


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