backpacks are loaded…naomi’s lunch is made…there are people helping install
our ceiling…i have finally taken time to sit and load pictures and remember…
with sal at my feet…there are brownies waiting for me…all treats indeed.

we’ve been getting ready
doing laundry
labeling school supplies
eating summer treats
not looking

micah to kindergarten
naomi to grade four
eliza asking where her class is
jerry to new high schoolers
kristin to the coffee shop

9 thoughts on “tomorrow

  1. this is a transition that i haven’t even known as a parent, and don’t even know how to imagine the anticipation. best wishes. . .


  2. Thank you for sharing some of these moments with me…and for the freedom to love each others’ children along the way…..

    (Still, I missed the sidewalk chalk….and not even a picture to prove it…..)

    Jen CD


  3. OOOOOOOhhhh…the first day of school? I can’t wait to hear how everyone felt about it at the end. I hope it was good enough that everyone is excited to go back tomorrow.


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