travelin’…day 7

a trip to the dunes was a success by all accounts…

micah was invited by these “big boys” to help bury their friend…
such a display of generosity to notice a little one.

6 thoughts on “travelin’…day 7

  1. Oh my goodness! I’m loving your vacation through pictures. The dunes, the bacon, the waterpark and construction work. Love all of it. Hope you guys continue to have wonderful adventures!


  2. We had such a wonderful time with you all… We are still living off the memories! So good to see you had such a great time in the park, on the train, in the dunes, etc. We will always remember the wonderful time we had with you in Markham. Thank you for keeping us updated… Could you send us a picture of the girls, including Gina? Much Love OMA/OPA and OMI/OPI!


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