this is a post that has been simmering for a while…this vacation seems like a suitable time to get it out…in the midst of how hard it can be to parent and function in a setting away from home, i know and believe that there are good things that will come of it…that the photos and memories written can be good.


my dad and i talk of it like static on a tv…when we are watching a show with static, it is frustrating and hard to see, but later on, we remember the show…not the static. so true it is about spilt chocolate milk, coffee without enough cream, having to hurry, kids so wild that i don’t know how to nicely calm them, squished bananas in a backpack, being so tired, worrying about money, feeling irritable…and i guess it’s also true that if there is too much static, we can’t even see the show…don’t even know what it is…hmmmmmm. so now is my hope…to always know what the show is…

4 thoughts on “static

  1. kristin, i think i know just what you mean. i feel like much of our vacation i was watching through static that got periodically more and less dense. thanks for the inspiration to keep the show in mind.


  2. thanks for that, really “clicked” with my own thinking but didn’t have that example until you wrote it. so nice to have other parents fill in the gaps of my own thoughts on parenting. i especially love the advice from our own parents, i talk with mine a lot too.


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