we left early, drove all day and arrived for supper…
we passed the time with eating in the car,
buying gum at gas stations, finding a local coffee shop (or trailer?),
reading stories, sleeping, listening to nancy griffith,
laughing at sally’s sleeping positions, and answering the question
if we were close to oma and opa’s yet…12 hours later
we rolled in to the arms of family…
this was our second trip without packing oodles of car toys
(in fact, eliza was the only one who brought a toy along!),
snacks (none…except for the cherry tomatoes i didn’t want to leave)
or the dvd player (we never missed it)…
it felt simpler and cleaner…
quieter and calmer…
the kids looked outside
and waited for the car to run out of gas
so they could get more gum…
we have our next dentist appointment already scheduled.


6 thoughts on “travelin’

  1. I am so impressed if it was really that easy……unbelievable!

    Isn’t it nice we are all still “checking on you” even when you are gone? See you soon!

    Jen CD


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