strange views


i saw this on my way to meet jerry for a morning of running errands…not a tornado, smoke from an explosion at a solvent plant…the earth must be crying out…no injuries reported…all workers were on break…amazing.


i saw this when i opened the fridge today…it must really be hot for eliza to cool off her own dipes.

7 thoughts on “strange views

  1. I had thoughts of putting my pillow in the freezer last night to try and cool it off before bed….but cold underwear, that’s something i’ve never considered. Maybe Eliza is on to something??


  2. Dipes in the fridge…too cute! I just love finding those little treasures around the house. Trying to figure out what they were thinking is even more fun.


  3. Wasn’t that explosion freaky? I turned the tv on this morning to watch Martha Stewart, and here was Valley Center up in smoke! Some said it was purple to begin with.
    Now I should run off to put my underwear in the fridge…


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