kindergarten shot day


oh, we will say brave not as a judgement but as an observation…he could have screamed and cried and ran around the room and we would have been okay with it…but he smiled and asked questions and watched and looked forward to the dentist appointment yet to come…no tears with the shots…no tears with the blood test…he responded when spoken to…he left with a sucker and a sticker…when i asked him why he was excited to go since he knew he would get shots, he said because i am excited to go to kindergarten. of course.



naomi was disappointed to miss micah’s appointment…but she spent the first of five days at a dance workshop…an exploration of various types of dance…she reports that it was good. of course.


we ended this hot day with a very short family walk and then relief in the front yard sprinkler…so much that could be taken for granted. let us not.

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