insisting on cozy


arriving at the city pool today, i told aimee i hated going to the pool. it is just so much work to make sure everyone is safe! mostly i was just tired. but the kids love it and we wanted it to be good.

so soon naomi found friends (hence, no photos of her!), we drank diet pepsi (since there was no diet coke), watched the kids eat candy, took lots of pictures, and it did turn out cozy.

i loved watching micah and sawyer cuddle and wrestle much of the time…i want to remember that…i know the day will come that they won’t so easily cuddle in the same way.  here is a favorite…taking the same picture as five years ago. good times.


4 thoughts on “insisting on cozy

  1. The sheer glee in those boys’ expressions is priceless. No amount of money in the whole wide world could possibly purchase such a moment! In fact it has no power to do so. Kinda weird, when you think of it. Maybe that’s why we call it priceless. Money just can’t buy it! Oh, the joy of love, tenderness, and coziness — priceless, indeed!


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