at church small group supper, we did our ritual of going around the circle and sharing something we are grateful for. i tried to put a spin of gratitude on the latest house happening…


maybe we should have known…but after scraping the popcorn ceiling off of two rooms, we got stuck on the third…so i googled for some tips and the word ASBESTOS kept coming up…so upon further searching, it is probable that this popcorn ceiling has asbestos…so we are sending in a sample and putting the work on hold…

but we are grateful
for a house,
for time,
for resources,
for energy,
for physical health…
and may this gratitude
be more
than our frustration
of not having enough…

6 thoughts on “grateful?

  1. Oh – the frustration is sooo well known in our house as well – here’s hoping for a nice, simple solution (though the likely hood of that is questionable!)…missing you ALL!



  2. Yes! Asbestos may very well be there. I remember that from as long ago as being a kid in elementary school. Why we kids knew such things, who knows. Why do people want to remove their “popcorn” ceilings anyway? It adds texture, its sort of sparkly and the name is cool, too!!!!!


  3. Yes- stop where you are- when I was a kid our home in the midst of renovations had some attic level- you don’t want it to be air-borne and it’s worth the peace of mind (and extra moola) to have someone professional to remove it.


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