summer sunday

outside after church today…all afternoon:


…ice bottle for the new hand-me-down bunny, peter…
a sweet little fluff-ball though not as relaxed as flower.


…eliza chose a skirt to wear under her dress:
“need two…for church…i need two.”


…washing the cars in the front yard
and peeking through the window.


…sally looking like a person on the front porch.
now we know why these are the dogs dressed
up on sesame street
! we just giggled.


…micah and naomi watered lydia’s garden.
i tried to take a picture of them walking home,
micah thought it would be funny to run up to
the camera…it was.


…eggs doing what we wish we could…
though like most things, an ice bath
would surely be too much of a good thing…

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