fourth of july

oh, the joy of friends…a clean garage to hide in from the rain…food and drinks…a hay loft with a rope to climb on…umbrellas and chalk…dogs shaking from the fireworks…homemade french fries…fire…tie dying in drizzle…working hard to make a red and yellow dress for eliza, then looking to see she added black…walking as women…safe and calm…happy children…safe from injury…gentle daddies…having more food than we could eat…longings and prayers for the hurting…

henry-mat.jpggrownups.jpgfire-boys.jpgne-drink.jpgbagged-tie-dye.jpg micah-sag.jpgmama-and-e.jpgveggie-color.jpgtie-dye-hand.jpgboxers.jpg liza-jones.jpgappetizers.jpgfrenzy.jpgdance.jpg

2 thoughts on “fourth of july

  1. The picture of you & your daughter (8th from the bottom on the left) could be me & mine. Hair, clothing, the lot! Isn’t that funny…? Very cool gumboots.


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