naomi sews


when i went to bed myself at 11:20, naomi was sitting in her room by the glow of her pink light, piecing fabric squares together…and oh, the frustration of being told to go to sleep. she finished it the next day…a blanket for eliza. eliza insisted that oma made it, but we finally convinced her that naomi had…


5 thoughts on “naomi sews

  1. Hey Naomi,

    You are amazing! When I think of it, I really am amazed. You are so gifted and focused and creative and loving and considerate and fun and wonderful and wonder-filled and sensitive and wanting-everything-to-be-cool. You’re it! You really are!!! You got my vote. You’re my favorite nine year old in all the world. And just so you know, you’re mine!!! You’re all mine! I’m the only 58 year old grandfather in all the world who can claim Naomi Neufeld Epp as his own. As his own favorite nine-year-old granddaughter. That’s pretty cool, if you ask me. I’m super proud of that, ya know!!!!

    Oh yeah! That is a beautiful blanket you made for Eliza. Way to go. It’s gorgeous.

    I love you, Naomi!


    P.S. If Oma was here, she’d add her LOVE to this greeting. She’s in San Jose, California, but is coming home on Saturday. Yahooooooooooooo!!!!!!


  2. Wow, Naomi! I love the colorful quilt! I tried to make a quilt one time and I gave up, so good for you for sticking with it! That sure took alot of stitches. I’ll bet that Eliza loves it.


  3. Naomi, you don’t know me but your little blanky made me cry! (In a happy “That’s so beautiful” kinda way). Keep it up ’cause your crafting is bringing people joy…


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