muffins that were worth it

i made these and it was worth

the kids filling water balloons
and flooding the bathroom…seriously.
(water dripping through to the basement laundry room)…

eliza helping wash dishes
all the time saying “NUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMY!”
and eventually me noticing her licking
the batter spoon dipped in sink water…

sally chewing up the baby’s nightgown
(if it’s left on the kitchen floor, it’s a chew toy)…

realizing well into the cooking time
that science teacher jerry
took the baking soda to a summer camp
he is teaching
which means that…

all of us hauled ourselves to
jen’s house down the block…
naomi still in her bathrobe,
micah in his jammies,
eliza soaked from washing dishes,
sally pulling like crazy
to get a teaspoon of baking soda…

but then i made a fresh pot of coffee
and we had these muffins for lunch.

8 thoughts on “muffins that were worth it

  1. it sounds soooo familiar!! our morning went so much like yours.
    don’t you LOVE pioneer woman?!! i am making those soon too…and the cinnamon rolls…i want to surprise my husband with those. i ran out of butter for my cooking today. last week it was vegetable oil!


  2. YES!! That’s my girl!! I will say it again. I am so proud of you, my dear daughter. I bask in hearing all the details of your days together. It shortens the miles between KS and IL


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