happy birthday dear nan

happy birthday to dear nan
the queen of thrift shopping
the baker of bread (with coffee grounds and peas)
the sower of seeds
the digger of dirt
the sewer of dolls
and coats
and blankets
the warrior of prayer
the student of books
the collector of photos
the rider of bike
the swinger of swings
the determined to walk
the caretaker of the earth
the mother of 13
the grandmother of many more
the greatgrandmother of more yet
happy birthday
dear, dear nan


nan and the line that follows…december 2005

6 thoughts on “happy birthday dear nan

  1. What a treasure, indeed. You captured Nan so well in your words, Kristin. And there are parts of her strength and love of fun and determination and devotion to God and others that have been passed down to the next generations. When we spoke with her on Monday, she was well and was eager to hear more stories of our lives. She is still biking, gardening, reading, snoozing, praying, and enjoying every chance to go out to eat and visit with friends and family.


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