colors for a cure…the day after


wow. up til 5 am and only that early because we were rained out…or the threat of rain had the event end early. micah and jerry left early to go work in jerry’s prairie restoration site. naomi, eliza and i stayed together til midnite, then i went back on my own til 5. it was stunning and sobering to hear the names, see the faces, watch the bodies of so many people walking this life with cancer…this in the midst of incredible energy and enthusiasm…games and live music…food and huge troughs of bottled water…candles and tents…honor and celebration of life…


2 thoughts on “colors for a cure…the day after

  1. We had a marathon here as well … would have liked to join in, but could not. We always enjoy your messages and pix. Thank you so much. Oma/omi and Opa/opi.


  2. It was so nice to see you there. What an awesome and emotional event. The whole first hours I was on the verge of fighting back the tears. Why fight them back anyway??? hmmm… good question. Thanks for cutting my sleeves!!


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