at church tonight i told our pastor ruth that i might have stripping remorse. she looked immediatley tuned in and i quickly elaborated…we started stripping wallpaper from the kitchen, the dining room, the entry way, the staircase…

but i had helpers and i am enjoying the new brightness of white walls (even if they are covered with old wallpaper backing and adhesive…any advice out there?)…and oh, the orange shelf against a white wall is stunning.



6 thoughts on “stripping

  1. I’ve stripped wallpaper off with one of those steamers, and it works really great — easy! Maybe you’ve tried this already, but I’d definitely recommend it.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :)
    I stripped walpaper at my old house, and had remorse as well, because it ended up being more work than I wanted trying to get off the rest of the junk on the wall. I had to use water and sponges.
    I ended up covering it with a textured paintable wallpaper that I painted and off white.
    Good luck with the rest of the job. BTW, I love that colorful thing hanging by the shelf, are those birds?


  3. 4 huge water balloons
    in the freezer
    with great hope and intent
    to bowl with them tomorrow…

    I was trying to figure out how your were going “bowl” them, thinking that you meant making bowls out of them. Yikes. Not a bad idea though, eh? Well, maybe it is. Never mind. Love ya!


  4. I also love the red shelf – I could use something like it in my kitchen. The birds are wonderful too.

    We do have the Owen book which is much loved, but my other son asks when we are going to get a book named after him.


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