father’s day


what a joy to have so many fathers in our lives…our own dads, fathers-in-law, one opa living and those grandpas gone before us all, friends and neighbors, and our own dear daddy of the house. but oh, our day at home was not as relaxing as we hoped it would be…hmmmmmm. so now it is quiet, the white lights shine brighter in the darkened back yard, jerry is taking sally for a walk, and suddenly the day seems better than it did at the time. but we were together, which in itself is a gift and had moments worth remembering…

breakfast in bed…well, until eliza peed in the bed so we all bailed to the table…seriously.

remembering enough letters to write “i love you”

putting this trophy on daddy while he was still sleeping…ha ha ha…big laughs.

watching eliza get herself a drink at lunch (after being tired of waiting for us to get her one!)…this was a bad moment turned funny thanks again to our youngest.

she kept us laughing when she played her trumpet for sally, who was intrigued!

finally giving daddy the antique mall found cherry pitter that we kept a secret for weeks! then we pitted cherries for a cherry crisp served with homemade ice cream with nana and papa’s help…a great way to end the day.

father’s day sal

3 thoughts on “father’s day

  1. Ha! I thought that trophy looked awfully heavy to be on Jerry when he woke up, until I realized it was actually the very tiny trophy in the top photo. Funny.


  2. Jerry,

    You’ve got to be the luckiest man in the world! What a treasure trove! I love the picture of you with the kids. Marvelous.


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