cleaning treasures

as we (i) were cleaning today, we decided to move and reorganize some of our treasures. i wanted to have pictures to remember how they used to be…

collection jars


this was such a cool thing while it lasted. i saw this in a magazine and we had fun finding jars for all sorts of things found. the vote today was to use them for other things… maybe i’ll start my own collection jars…

junk scuplture


our dear junk sculpture…created from things found last summer. we decided to add on to it this summer…including things from the collection jars…we’ll see! oh what a hot glue gun can do!

chore jars


no more chore jars…completed tasks were written on sticks and placed in their jars…wow, this system looked so clever and lasted such a SHORT time…oh well…i have no patience for chore systems…we just stick with a random “chore of the day”…i wish it was different.

4 thoughts on “cleaning treasures

  1. I have a “special box” for Jack, and I often toss in his “treasures”, rocks, pinecones, etc. But, it is nice to see how they were labelled at your house. I am sure that 5 years from now I will be wondering why in the world I have a box full of rocks!


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