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so i am inviting you to click here to see what we did earlier this week…as megan states, it was a very fun time…the clouds were rolling in and out…new friendships were made (how can you not be friends after writing on each other?)…and the laughter soothed my tired-summer-mama spirit.

p.s. you will really make megan’s day if you leave a comment.  : )

One thought on “blog sharing

  1. hi! i just learned how to make a link! so you are linked on mine now too! it was very nice at the park. the kids loved it. about scott’s tantrum. he was overheard yelling many times “i want my frog back!” something i never thought i would hear. :) i didn’t let him have it back. you can’t give a frog and take it back. it’s the rule of frogs right?


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