indulge me, please. sign in and leave your name (or more!) as a comment…my friend, megan, put a plea out there which motivated me to do the same…i too am curious, curious who is reading this…i can see that people are and i wonder who is…well, there are a few of you who make yourself known very regularly…and it is a fun way to build community…thanks.

13 thoughts on “guestbook

  1. I will gladly give in to your plea! It drives me crazy too, to know how many people stop by our blog each day but never really know who’s there! And your new puppy is SOOO cute!


  2. i am amazed at the amount of detail and stories that get told on this blog…thanks for sharing your family with us


  3. Oh yes! We check your blog on a very regular basis. Just don’t always have time to respond. It is an amazing gift to us. As I’ve told you before: It’s good, it’s what’s needed, it’s the gospel! I really mean that! So often I hear the values of what Jesus was hinting at. WAY TO GO! I love you, Opa!


  4. ah, don’t comments feel good? i love your blog too, and as I’m sure you’ve figured out, i check it a lot!


  5. Love your blog! You are such a positive influence to me! You have brightened my day and helped me remember the positive small things in life! Thanks and I’m glad that I’ve gotten to know you! See you Thursday! Rachel


  6. I too check in often – if not daily – it helps me feel connected to my “far away family” which you continue to be a part of! Sometimes it feels good – sometimes it makes me homesick – but I always leave feeling filled! Thank you!


  7. Now that I have your URL memorized, I check back every so often. And now that you have a puppy to watch grow, I will probably check in even more! Love and hugs to you all.


  8. i always read! i love all your creative kind ways with your family. i try not copy everything you do…but it’s tough. :) the water park was so fun…i will post pictures today.


  9. Of course I am reading! I’ve been lax the past week so I have a surprising number of posts to catch up on. I love your colorful life and sometimes want to jump right through the computer screen to be part of it.


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