run down

so i am here doing dishes and i am hot and the wind is blowing like crazy and jerry is out hanging laundry and the floor is sticky but swept and i am listening to the dust buster run down on purpose. jerry read in the manual that it is good to let it run totally down on its own and then recharge it…hmmmmmm…over the sink i started thinking…if my parents were here, i would say there’s a sermon in this (little pastor joke there)…i’m thinking of us as mothers and fathers. i’m not advocating for running ourselves down on purpose, but i am comforted by the thought that we too will be okay (better?) if we give it our all, run ourselves down loving and growing our children…i am amazed just how long this dust buster is running…it stopped picking up any dirt a while ago, but it still hums…oh how that is like us too…so we give it our all, knowing that we will recharge…there is no other way to do it…and that when needed we can hum along for a long time…oh, nothing like an end of the day musing…

5 thoughts on “run down

  1. this reminds me of how many times throughout my parenting experience i have faced a situation which i just don’t know how i can possibly get through, but i just do. that’s all — you just do it, even if you don’t know how. like humming along, and yes, the recharge does come.


  2. It reminds me of when I feel overwhelmed and then do something like THROUGH A PARTY or schedule something else!

    Jen CD


  3. When you run all the way down … remember that God, in His creation plan, planned a whole night, to recuperate, bto separate two days! My[Opa] Mom used to say that … And it’s true! Oma: – How true, we experience this – Just now I am baking bread. I used rye and white flour, plus oatmeal, molasses and flax seed, and of course yeast. It’s 4:30 pm and I hope it will be done for supper. The recharging image of our strength is beautiful. I [Opa] am waiting to hear from the doctor. +++++ Love OMA/omi and OPA/opi!


  4. I had to come back to this picture of the dust buster for some reason for the 2nd time today. I had to read what you wrote again. Something about your “mini sermon” really touched me. Thanks for the words you write! You just never know how they will touch others.


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