this afternoon i was treated to a beautiful wooden crate filled with knitted cupcakes! a wonderful surprise from katie after i commented that i would love these for my preschoolers. so weeks later, here they are…cupcakes.jpg

very special is the one with the rainbow yarn…when katie and i were in college she was knitting a little blanket. years later when naomi was born that very blanket arrived in the mail…tears still fill my eyes. so now i can take these soft and pretty cupcakes to share with the many little hands i get to work with…hands that have undoubtedly felt too much plastic and not enough yarn! so thank you again, katie, thank you…click here to see katie’s other cupcakes!

opening-cupcakes.jpg “eat dem, mama? eat dem?”

5 thoughts on “cupcakes!!!

  1. I love being able to see their arrival! you’re most welcome. I giggled just about every time I worked on them, enjoying the surprise I was cooking up!


  2. I’ve never seen such a thing! They look so yummy, and I’ll bet they were quite a trick to knit!


  3. Really? I could probably knit socks in my sleep by now, but I always run when I see novelty yarn. I love the cupcakes though!


  4. this was the first time i used novelty yarn. i don’t tend to like it, but for a project like this, it was great! if you want to make some cupcakes, look for the book called “One Skein”. i bet you can get it at the library. great ideas for using scrap yarn!


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