memories by naomi and mama:
campfires day and night
good coffee (thanks, marc)
tall tent (thanks, cds)
spicy fajitas
starry nite
peeing outside
sand castles
baby caden
red wine
nana’s burn (ouch!)
calling the local er for advice
riding the zip board
kool aid
calling bailey the dog
micah riding his bike
sliding down the hill
finding a beaver tooth


3 thoughts on “campin’

  1. okay…you make camping look fun. where do you go? different places or the same every time? it does look a bit chilly. all too familiar.
    thanks for understanding my feelings of going crazy as a mommy. or just crazy as a person! i feel better tonight … went walking too. not pretty like yours but just out and exercise. that is part of my problem too. i need daily or almost daily exercise and then don’t do it and then get crabbier. but i can’t really use that excuse if i haven’t done much exercise for 2 years!
    so…tomorrow will be better. i am going to schedule some time off so i have something to look forward to when it comes up!
    love the cupcakes.
    see ya.


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