movie nite


we took eliza to her first movie theatre experience…there were
4 adults and 8 kids…a row and a half worth! after a burst of protein at
the local tacos mexico, we adults giggled at the hidden humor of shrek
while popcorn, ice and candy bounced on the ground…a fun way to welcome
summer and experience our growing-older families…thank you friends!


thanks, jen, for the pictures. : )

3 thoughts on “movie nite

  1. do all theatres have booster seats like that? do they offer them, or do you have to ask? i think our girls would still be way overwhelmed by a theatre experience, but it MIGHT be fun to try!


  2. yes, to see a movie in the theatre at 2 is definitely a third child experience for our family…not sure what that means…the booster seats are fun…not sure if all have them…they are in a stack by the door! when we first took micah to the theatre at 3 and a half, he ate his popcorn and candy then said, “i’m ready to go!”…the movie hadn’t even started yet!


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