everybody dance

dance-n.jpg micah and naomi both take dance classes in town…today was their showcase concert day…a time where the classes show the rest of us things they have worked on in the school year…there were flowers, laughter, eating a very fast supper with chappell deckerts and nana and papa, and some sadness knowing the director of dance is leaving this summer…




2 thoughts on “everybody dance

  1. You know – I was just telling my mom the other day – when I see pics of Naomi she seems sooo old!! It’s hard to reconcile in my brain that CJ is that “old” too!! She looks beautiful! Wish we could be there to see both of them dance! Miss you all!!
    love, ang


  2. Great pictures! I also can’t believe how old your kids look. Makes me sad that I can’t be there to see them. :(


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