wonderful field trip

we walked from preschool on wednesday morning for a field trip to one of our preschooler’s homes to see his baby chicks, follow the chickens and rooster to the bushes, find the lone egg in the coop, taste cooked eggs, wander and nibble in the garden…a chance to experience the simple gifts of the world…what a treat. then earlier today, i was given a gift of bagels in a box (thank you!!!!) and eliza said, “chicks in there?” and now this evening, we were graced with a carton of eggs on our front porch…thank you!!!! what a circle experience…

eggs.jpg eggs-2.jpg


One thought on “wonderful field trip

  1. This is a huge THANK YOU for all your recent posts. How wonderful to be a part of the “goings-on” in your lives. It’s always a little bitter-sweet. How we long to be with you. My arms have been aching to hold you! Can’t wait to see you. Soon, yes very soon. We’ll be there on May 21!!!


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