fairy garden


this is the fairy garden micah started on may day…
changes have been made by people and by the rain…
but it is still magical! micah still says that his
favorite thing he saw in the kindergarten room was
the teacher’s fairy garden.

fairy-garden-3.jpg fairy-garden-1.jpg fairy-garden-2.jpg



3 thoughts on “fairy garden

  1. I love Micah’s fairy garden – so perfect! It must be the sugary sprinkles that gives it it’s magic. I wish i could have Micah’s creativity and add a little fairy magic to my own garden!


  2. oooo, Mali loved looking at this in detail. She asks over and over why we can’t SEE the fairies. She’s just desperate to know that they are REAL. I keep telling her they are real if she believes they are, but she wants evidence! I think we’ll be making a fairy garden soon, thanks to Micah’s inspiration.


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